What it means to be loyal

I see yet more Unionist violence has erupted as a mob of around 700 people have taken to the streets of Belfast in a new wave of rioting.
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I wonder who is to blame this time, Republicans? Parades Commission? Bosco?

Or perhaps it was this uppity taig who had the audacity to walk across the street?

"A bus full of passengers was also hijacked on the Belfast road in Bangor. The bus was driven from the Belfast Road to the Clandeboye Road where two men ordered all passengers off after stealing personal belongings from them. The bus was driven to the Green Road, Conlig and set alight."

Isn't that marvellous, thieves as well as wankers

The Orange Order, DUP and the UUP must take a large chunk of responsibility for the current violence, Paisley donned his old Duke of York hat once again last week and has now begun the process of trying to wash his hands of responsibility.

Not good enough!!

It is about time Unionism/Loyalism got its act together and engaged in meaningful dialogue with Nationalists and Republicans. The problem is that none of their elected reps have the courage to make that step.

If the DUP and Unionism believe they can provoke the IRA into returning to the armed campaign they have another thing coming.

Republicans may be a lot of things but we're not stupid.

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