Violence was about sectarianism not deprivation

That is the view of Alex Maskey, Sinn Féin MLA for South Belfast and the man chosen to head up the Unionist outreach programme for Sinn Féin.
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"I cannot see how deprivation can be tackled by forcing a sectarian parade along the nationalist Springfield Road. Last weeks violence was not about deprivation it was about a failure to force a sectarian Orange march through a Catholic area.

" The reality is that there is a failure of leadership within unionism. The DUP and the UUP ignore the real needs of their constituents and instead focus on out-dated expressions of sectarian triumphalism. If unionist communities are voiceless then they really need to look at the quality and performance of those they have elected to represent them."

Alex is spot on in this regard, if working class Unionist areas feel isolated and voiceless then they have no one else to blame but the main Unionist political parties. It's about time this anger and frustration was vented in the right direction, at the DUP and UUP.

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