Tory chief: Hain is anti-unionist

British Secretary of State Peter Hain was accused today of being "insensitive" to unionists by a former minister who once chaired the talks process in the 6 counties. Michael Ancram, now deputy leader of the Conservatives, says Mr Hain's "anti-unionist and pro-republican baggage" has compounded the perception that unionists have not been treated fairly by the British Government.
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What Ancram means is that Hain is not getting down on his hands and knees and licking Unionist butt!

Republicans should not be under any illusion that Hain is a friend of ours. He is a British Secretary of State and even if perhaps he is less of a stiff than Mandelson he is still a British Secretary of State. This is a man who had Séan Kelly interned to try and cover up his "supposed" republican sympathies in the past. This was all done and a man’s liberty suspended to try and appease rejectionist Unionism.

We are Irish Republicans; we don't have friends in the British government!

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