This man is not for turning, unless the price is right

I see that Ian Paisley has voiced his concerns about the lack of confidence in the Unionist community to the British PM, Tony Blair.
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"The unionist community feels ignored and isolated and has suffered greatly as a result of the one-sided approach by the government," he said.

"The prime minister is aware of the importance of building confidence within the community.."

AKA, Show me the money!!

"I reminded the prime minister that unionists were no longer prepared to tolerate second class status."

LOL, catch a grip Ian. Your community has never been treated as second class citizens in their lives.

I have no problem with money being invested in many of the Unionist areas as there is a high level of deprivation in many. That said money must be allocated according to need and not what I have heard from DUP reps in the past about 50/50. The majority of areas that are in need of investment in the north are Nationalist areas.

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