They haven’t gone away, you know

Isn't that the truth!

I am disgusted to learn from the Daily Ireland that the British security forces have not stopped their wee inteligence war in the North of Ireland. In a dramatic series of events last week, the family home of Kevin and Lorraine Murphy in Coalisland became the centrepiece of a controversy that appears to lift the lid on the British government's continued use of covert operations in the North.
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The couple, who got married earlier this month, returned to their home last Friday to discover that neighbours had disturbed what they suspect to be an undercover British army unit trying to install a monitoring device in the couple’s home. During the incident, the area where the couple live was swamped by PSNI men. The officers arrived to rescue two balaclava-clad men who had pointed a gun at a local man who tried to challenge them after the pair were detected moving through the couple's empty home.
Locals say several PSNI members entered the couple's home and escorted two men carrying holdalls from the premises to a Land Rover parked in the house’s front garden.

Clear evidence that the PSNI have not changed and that we do not have this new dawn to policing that the SDLP keep telling us about.

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