Stalford hasn't a clue but what's new

I was amused to read that Christopher Stalford has accused the QUB Students Union of trying alienate those pupils who are from a pro-Union background. Now Christopher is talking out of his rear end and I shall yell you why.
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The Student newspaper was renamed "The Craic" last year by the then Deputy President, Paddy Hughes. I wrote for the Craic last year and can assure people that it was not a "republican rag". The deputy editor was the head of the DUA in Queens, he never bothered his backside to attend meetings but then again that is a matter for himself.

Mr. Stalford said: "This publication, which describes itself as 'the official newspaper of Queen's Students Union'

It IS the official newspaper of Queen's Students Union!

"Firstly, the front-page story featured prominent quotations from Sinn Fein MLA Alex Maskey - he was the sole political representative to be featured in the article."

It was relating to the so-called "riot" in the Holy lands last year, surely that is news which would be relevant to students?

The reason that Alex was the only political representative in the article is because he was the only political representative there.

"On opening the paper up, the first article in it is entirely in Irish - a language alien to unionists and nationalists alike - and page three of the paper contains a far from delightful article about a collusion exhibition that was staged in the university along with pictures of Mrs Thatcher and Sir Jack Hermon placed alongside a picture of Brian Nelson - a disgusting and disgraceful inference."

We tried to find someone who could do a regular article in Ulster Scots but we could not, hardly the Unions fault that no one can speak a made up language. The collusion exhibition was also in the Union, which is what the paper is for. It is there to provide students with news on student life.

Christopher’s arguments and allegations are as baseless as they are disgusting. He is in danger of becoming a media whore in relation to QUBSU. He will try to create any story that alleges Protestant discrimination.

Christopher, stop taking rubbish and grow up!!

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