Something has to be done!!

More people in the North took their lives through suicide than were killed during thirty-five years of political conflict. According to shocking new figures released by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, a total of 4,451 people died through suicide between 1969 and 2002 in the North.
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Sinn Féin president and West Belfast MP Gerry Adams obtained the figures through the North’s freedom of information provisions.

"The official statistics also reveal that during the last decade, more people in the North of Ireland have died as a result of suicide than from road accidents. While the efforts to reduce road accidents – including the resources invested by government agencies in this work – is creditable, it begs the question why suicide prevention does not merit the same or greater resources."

A question that needs to be answered very quickly!

I have known a few people who have committed suicide and had the heartbreaking experience today of attending the funeral of a young lad who I went to school with who committed suicide this week. A really nice bloke who always seemed so happy and a lad who you just couldn't dislike. He was a member of the party, the GAA, you name it and he was there.

The poor family are inconsolable and I pray they get some sort of help from the man upstairs, presuming there is one.

A coherent strategy needs to be put into place as it's becoming a very serious problem.

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