SDLP lite urges republicans to back police

It seems the SDLP's 26 county representative, Dermot Ahern, has called on Republicans to back the RUC/PSNI because they protected nationalist communities from recent loyalist rioting.
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Now Dermot must think republicans are thick if he expects us to believe that rubbish.

"Sinn Fein now have a duty to join with the SDLP in making the PSNI accountable to nationalists communities through the Policing Board and to press for the full implementation of Patten Report"

No Dermot, we are not going to make the same mistake as the SDLP. We will not even be considering the issue of policing until Patten is fully implemented. To suggest that the RUC/PSNI stood between Nationalists and Loyalists is a lie. Perhaps Dermot could address the actual situation instead of trying to turn everything into a Sinn Féin issue. The reality is that Unionism is reluctant to change and the will to dominate is still there.

"In Antrim, Catholic families living in small communities have been attacked and intimidated for no other reason than that they are Catholic,"

Correct Dermot, what have the great RUC/PSNI done?

They handed out fire blankets!!

They are a disgrace and do not have the support of the Nationalist and Republican community and until the necessary reforms happen e.g. Removal of Special Branch, they won't have that support!

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