Paisley in denial

That is the view of Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness who expressed disappointment over Ian Paisley's attack on party president Gerry Adams and accused the DUP leader of compounding the negative leadership of recent months and being in denial about his responsibility to get the peace process back on track.
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He said
"Last weekend's violence is a response to the realisation that the status quo is not an option and to the uncertainties of a process of change which demands equality, human rights, proper policing, justice and inclusion. It is a response to the dawning reality that the days of domination, triumphalism and second class citizenships are gone forever"

Martin has also called on Unionism to sit down with Republicans in an effort to move the process forward.

There can be no future for this country unless we learn to live together. This can not happen while Unionism deludes itself that somehow Equality = Concessions

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