Orangemen blocked by Red Hand

A game that neither side deserved to lose and both teams deserved to win but like everything else, there can be only one winner.
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As my picture shows, it's time for humble pie and I know JG will enjoy dishing it ;)

I predicted Armagh by 1 point but it was the other way around, I was however correct when I said there was only a kick of the ball between the sides and that kick came from Peter Canavan. In all honesty I did feel that Armagh was a wee bit sloppy near the end and some of their wides were terrible. This is the end of an era for many of the Armagh players and possibly some of the management as well.

When you look back at this Armagh team you can't describe them as anything other than great. They have provided the supporters with six great years, the highlight of which was lifting Sam in 2002.

A day no Armagh fan will ever forget

To our Tyrone brethren I wish the best of luck, bring Sam back to Ulster where it belongs!

Now where's that spoon?

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