Oh not this moron!

It seems Daniel O Donnell wannabe and DUP turncoat Jeffrey Donaldson has stuck his two cents into the Colombian 3 debate
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According to wee Jeffrey if the Irish Government wanted alleged IRA members James Monaghan, Martin McCauley and Niall Connolly extradited they could do it.

He rejected claims that an attempt to have the Colombia Three sent back to South America was a lost cause.

"It isn`t in the slightest. If the Irish Government had the will to do it they could do it,"

"We support the demand of the Colombian Government that the three OTR`s [on the run`s] if you might call them that, should be returned to complete the sentences that were passed by the Colombian courts."

Tell me this Jeffrey, How?

Ireland has

1. A codified constitution, unlike Britain
2. A Supreme Court, unlike Britain
3. No extradition treaty with Colombia, unlike Britain

So in your infinite wisdom tell us all how the Irish government could extradite these men? As for not having the political will McDowell would like nothing better than to send these boys back.

Now Jeffrey, in the middle of a Unionist feud and the sectarian pogroms against Catholics wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the entirety that is the six counties to get yourself stuck in there and try and sort something out rather than coming out with this drivel?

Good boy

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