Judge a person by the company they keep

Let's look at the friends that Unionism keeps, Combat 18, Colombian Government, White South Africa, and the Israeli’s
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Is it just me who sees a trend?

Political Unionism has always kept "friends" who are either racist, supremacist or both. Adding to the list of friends is Colombia and judging by Unionist history they should get on like a house on fire. One human right’s abuser to the another.

It seems wee, yes wee Jeffrey Donaldson has been to Colombia to inspect mortars, and no it isn't for Ulster Resistance. He spoke of an "IRA legacy" in Colombia. Jeffrey said that the inspected mortars were identical to weapons used by the IRA.

Let's just examine that claim a bit further, the Iraqi army used AK47 assault riffles does that mean the IRA trained them as well?


It seems that Political Unionism is under so much pressure that they are trying to play shadow games with the peace process. Political Unionism is under threat, from what you ask? The IRA? The Bogeyman?

No, from Equality!!!

Unionism’s past form runs against it, it has never been able to operate in a system of equality and that is why it ranks up with Israel and Colombia

This looks like the last roll of the dice from the political dinosaurs and they just rolled a two.

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