I'm Back!

Howyis! Firstly I’d just like to apologise for my absence over the past fortnight. Unfortunately I was working so my blogging was restricted- whether or not that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll leave to your own judgement. I realise the events of the past fortnight have been well covered by now, but for what its worth here’s my tuppence. As I left for Belfast, mayhem was developing on its streets and unfortunately it continued. I noticed a real air of tension and frustration as the vast majority of decent people, Unionist and Nationalist who simply wanted to live and work in peace had their lives disrupted. I know of decent people from Loyalist working class areas whose only concern was not whether a bunch of middle aged men held a supremacist march in an area it was not wanted, but rather they were simply worried that the mayhem certain groups were perpetrating would stop being able to go and do their day’s work. Personally I found the “peaceful” roadblocks a huge inconvenience and one has to wonder why these people who supposedly have such a loyalty to Britain and its law were allowed to disrupt people’s lives in such a manner. I found the line about how the protests were “peaceful” pathetic. Whether or not it was true, peace or not, the protests were still illegal and unwanted and should not have been allowed to hold Belfast to ransom.

Also unsurprising was the reaction of the organisation with responsibility for the chaos, the Orange Order. It was amazing to watch how pathetic and inept their Belfast leader Dawson Baillie appeared on television. His ostrich-like approach to the situation made it quite clear and apparent that there is no levels to which the Orange Order won’t stoop in order to continue trying to assert their supremacist beliefs and marches where they are not wanted by decent folk. Of course, despite Loyalist paramilitaries behind actual violence, Ian Paisley was far more worried and angry towards an organisation which is actually giving its arms. His energy would be much better spent showing positive leadership in his own community rather can calling people out onto the streets to cause mayhem. Once more the DUP is exposed. Shame on them and Shame on the Orange Order and all those who feel it is above reproach.

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