I can't believe it's Labour, it isn't!

It seems Stickieus Maximus, Pat Rabbitte, has assured Ireland's upper-middle class elite that their money is safe in his hands. This follows reports that Rabbitte will not seek to increase personal taxes if the "Mullingar Accord" get their way in the next election.
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It seems Labour has taken advice from their counterparts in Britain, abandon everything that makes you Labour! Unlike their near neighbours, who are their own right-wing masters, Rabbitte's Labour have established themselves as a poodle to one of the most right-wing parties in the country, Fine Gael.

I am sure all of the senior health consultants who call in sick for their jobs in the public sector and then go out and work in places like Black rock will thank him. These so-called "senior health consultants" leech of the working class. They ring in sick and get paid by the tax payer and then go out and work in private clinics and end up getting double pay packets while junior doctors and the like have to cover their work load for no extra pay. I would tell these leeches very simply, Fine! If you want to go out and work in a private clinic while you are getting paid to work in the public sector, No problem! But the pay packet you get for your regular job will be taxed at 45% and the pay packet you get from your "moon lighting" will be taxed at 75%!

That should put a stop to that

Personal taxation should be increased, for those who have been on the crest of a wave for too long or should that be those who have trodden on the working class for too long.

Very simply, Tax the rich and free the poor!

Free them from the social deprivation and inequality that has marked the same families for generations. Free education, free health care, proper pensions etc

Celtic Tiger? More like the Celtic Blast-ended skrewt!

It sucks the money from the poor and then gives it to the rich. The entire system is rotten and for a Labour party to be selling itself to Fine Gael should have ordinary, decent Labour members in a rage.

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