He who pays the piper calls the tune!

I am slightly amused to see the Duke of York himself, Ian Paisley "up in arms" over the IRA's decision to call the shots in relation to the details of their recent imitative.
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According to Paisley "The IRA is making the rules, controlling the programme, refusing the photography, appointing their own referees and engineering the whole affair."

Well duh! It is their weapons after all and surely your main priority is that these weapons go away or did you expect the IRA to bow so you could place the sack cloth upon their head?

Get real Paisley!!

The IRA will destroy their arsenal how and when they wish. You will not be allowed to stagnate progress any longer. Unionism has always said it was about the guns but that can be seen for what it always was, a red herring. Unionism can not handle change and the noose they thought they had around Republicans heads will be removed very shortly.

What is Paisley doing about Unionist weapons, or does he think the rest of us have forgotten about the red berets and the guns from South Africa?

What has he done to persuade loyalists to destroy their weapons, the guns that aren't silent?

The IRA imitative has been the most deadly blow for Unionism since the foundation of the state, they can't handle peace. Conor Murphy put it well when he said

"The issue of the IRA was held up by unionists as the only stumbling block to political progress. It is now clear that political unionism cannot cope with the new realities presented."

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