Hain: Unionists living in denial

As the unrest threatened to spill into a second week, Mr Hain gave his blunt assessment of unionism in a Belfast Telegraph interview - saying many unionists live with a "sense of denial" about what the peace process has achieved and need to "get real" about the future.
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It's not very often that I agree with the Unionist lite party, Alliance, but Naomi Long hit the nail on the head when she said

"When push comes to shove, the commitment of unionist politicians to the defence of police and the rule of law and order is just tactical and superficial,"

Of course it is, it always has been!

Unionism masquerades as democratic but their history exposes the double standards by which they have always operated. They have never been interested in peace or equality, their only interest is in domination and discrimination.

Hain also said "There's an element of not reacting to the ferocious violence against police in a way that the reaction would have been to equivalent violence from republicans against police. I just think there's a sense of denial over that as well"

It seems the writing's on the wall for Unionism.

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