Gospel according to McDowell

It seems Irelands greatest Republican, no not Pearse, Sands, Connolly or Tone but the "real" republican, Mickey McDowell has offered his "analysis" of the current situation in the North.
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He said that a new vision of Ireland must recognise and respect the orange panel in the Irish Tricolour.

I agree 100%

He said the first challenge for all republicans was to respect the orange panel of the Tricolour and to develop a sense of Irishness which includes Ulster Scots and Anglo Irish.

Again I agree

"The two communities are drifting further and further apart. That`s wrong for Ireland and it`s wrong for the children of both communities going forward."

Now I am getting scared, I have never agreed with McDowell this much in my life.

"Not polarisation of two communities, not the foolish idea being proposed by Sinn Fein at the moment that Westminster elections should in Catholic areas be elections to Dail Eireann and in Protestant areas be elections to Westminster."

I knew it wouldn't last, someone please show me where Sinn Féin have advocated that?

Sinn Féin would prefer it if all elections were held to Dáil Eireann, this has nothing to do with religion.

Michael McDowell does not have a republican bone in his body; he is a tried and tested partionist!

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