Good news for Sinn Féin in opinion poll

The Irish Examiner/Lansdowne Market Research opinion poll has given Sinn Féin good news. Sinn Féin's support is steady at 10%, up 3% since the last general election. 52% want to see Sinn Féin in government under the right conditions and 40% hate our guts but these are just blue shirts and PD's.
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Given these figures we would get 10 seats, doubling our current number of TD's. It would also see a hung Dáil with Sinn Féin set as the kingmakers. I myself believe that this poll represents our base potential. With IRA arms due to be dealt with inside the next 2 weeks and the current mood of the electorate I expect our support base to grow very heavily.

Barring a total disaster and you can never bar that in Irish politics, I expect a general election no earlier than 8 months time. We also have McDowell’s ranting to come yet which are always worth a few percentage points to us.

It is too early to set a number on the TD's we might get but judging by these figures and the mood of the electorate our numbers could be anywhere from 10 - 20 TD's.

The futures bright, the futures green!

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