The General Election has begun

It is unmistakably obvious that the General Election in the 26 counties has begun with the recent comments from the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern. I had wondered which strategy Ahern would use in his attempt to slow down the Sinn Féin juggernaut. He needs to be careful as all roads are fraught with danger.
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Bertie said he believed decommissioning would provide an "injection of confidence", which would help alleviate some of the tensions, which led to last week’s Loyalist riots.

Now if anyone believes that the violence of last week had anything to do with the slow pace of the IRA imitative then they are either stupid or liars. The reason for the violence was, if anything, to try and force the IRA back into armed conflict.

Ahern knows this and is being disingenuous for party political reasons. He will use any opportunity from now on to try and stop the Sinn Féin electoral advance which threatens to destroy Fianna Fáil in many constituencies around the country.

Nice try Bertie but no cigar!

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