Gay couples may be able to adopt children

It is reported that a new interpretation of the adoption act in the 26 counties suggests that single people or cohabiting couples may be eligible, whether they are heterosexual or gay.
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I think this is great news as there are an awful lot of children out there who need a home. It shouldn't matter what sexuality the adopted parents are as long as they provide a loving and safe environment.

I can already hear the religious nuts talking about the corruption of the morality of young children; I have but one reply to them bigots


Children who grow up in "normal" heterosexual families can still grow up gay. I believe that you are either born gay or you are not and a lot of the time sexuality isn't easily fitted into boxes.

Gay people are not some sort of leapers who need to be shunned by society; they are a part of society and should have the same rights as everyone else.

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