End the madness

It seems every day you open the paper or listen to the news, we hear of another secterian attack. My only question is why?

To those people skulking about in the dead of night of night, what motivates you? Is it just plain hatred. While Catholics seems to have suffered the majority of attacks, they are by no means the only victims. But what do these people have to gain? The answer is nothing- they serve only to shame the communities they come from. I am an Irish Republican and people carrying out these attacks neither imitate nor intimidate me. To those attacking Protestant homes, no Republican I know wants anything to do with you and let me be very clear to these loyalist attackers - however many paint bombs you throw or old ladies you frighten, you will not dent Republicanism, we have been through far more and survived much more than you and your like could ever throw at us. Do these people not realise that, in the end, it is their own community that suffers because while they, as young people, are fit to run away from their deeds, the old lady next door who has her house house attacked in retaliation cannot run away. How would they feel if theat old lady was their grandmother? Or the child in the family home or the school ground their cousin?

This insanity has to stop, on both sides and for the good of both sides.

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