DUP quizzes witnesses

I see the DUP have interrogated the two church witnesses that were party to the IRA action of putting all of their weapons beyond use. David Simpson has accused Danny Kennedy of "misrepresenting" his party's position when Danny said it was "a matter of regret" that others (DUP) from another Christian tradition had chosen to question the churchmen's integrity.
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I am sorry to tell you David but your party did just that

Some people are of the opinion that a certain section of Unionism will never accept the fact that Republicans are committed to exclusively peaceful means and that some just do not want to share power with "taigs". That is possibly true of about 25-35% but others are prepared.

I had a very constructive conversation with Basil McCrae of the UUP at the Queens Fresher's Bazaar yesterday and the man seems 100%. He had no problem shaking hands with Republicans or engaging them in constructive and respectful debate. The same was also true of many of the Young Unionists. Neither was under any illusion about the beliefs that the others held but a certain respect and maturity was evident.

The DUP will also come down that road in time, after all Dr Paisley shook hands with the first member of Sinn Féin yesterday and posed for a picture, I doubt he knew that person was a member of Sinn Féin but the point is that his hand did not fall off. I was also surprised that Ian Paisley Jnr acknowdledged me but he did and I was standing at the Sinn Féin stall so I suppose that is progress.

Dialogue is the only option and Republicans must show moderate or liberal Unionists like Basil and others that we are serious about what we say and in return they must prove that they are serious about their promises to share power.

No one ever said it was going to be easy.

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