DUP 'must not stall progress'

Martin McGuinness has said the DUP must not be allowed to set the pace of political progress.
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"If the DUP is unwilling to break out of its negative cycle and begin to show the positive leadership which the political process and also their own community require and deserve, then the two governments need to push ahead with the full implementation of the [Good Friday] Agreement,"

Absolutely, the two governments have their own responsibilities and their own work to finish in relation to the GFA, if the DUP wish to be left behind that is their business.

The DUP dismissed as "fantasy" any idea of it take part in early negotiations with Sinn Féin over the resumption of power sharing.

Martin McGuinness responded saying the DUP must not be allowed to dictate the pace of progress.

The leaders of unionism and the Orange Order were harking back to the old days of unionist domination that were gone forever, he said.

It is time for the DUP to show political leadership to their communities and their electorate, they should get off their asses and do a deal!

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