Divorce on the rise

I see a record 2,500 couples divorced in the 6 counties last year. As a person whose parents are separated I feel well placed to know the pain and suffering that children go through. Separations are hardest on the children but because parents are so wrapped up in their own emotions children invariably get the bums rush with regard to expressing how they feel.
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I do believe that children, through their schools, should be persuaded into having some form of counselling. I know my own school were excellent in this regard. Very few separations end amicably and because of the hate many parents feel towards their former spouses their children become sponges for their rage.

"Tell your father he's a ..."

"Tell your mother to..."

Children of course never deliver the message with the intensity and emotion in which they received it so they end up soaking up all of that hurt and anger. I found the lay Chaplin that I spoke to was great at letting me vent my own anger and frustration.

It's true what they say; it's the kids that suffer

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