Adams calls for Unity

Gerry Adams tonight urged republicans to stay united in the aftermath of imminent IRA disarmament. With the destruction of all remaining IRA weapons dumps set to be confirmed, possibly within days, the Sinn Féin President accepted that some at grass roots level may still oppose the decommissioning strategy.
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"Republicanism has to be tolerant. Some people have fundamental disagreement with the way we are pursuing this strategy, and I think that’s okay."

"We are not leading sheep, we are leading proud activists who have been through an awful lot over the last 30 years or so."

I agree, that is the difference with Sinn Féin, people agree and disagree but once a decision has been made people abide by that decision. We are not like other political parties where debate and disagreement is frowned upon. Debate is encouraged within Sinn Féin and that can only be a good thing.

The Sinn Féin chief tonight addressed supporters in South Armagh ahead of a rally in the centre of Dublin on Saturday.

Ian Paisley has accused the British government of striking a clandestine deal to exclude his party’s demand for an independent Protestant clergyman to verify any disarmament.

"I believe they have entered into their secret agreement with the IRA"

Poor Ian, we all feel for him.

Gerry Adams hit back by saying "It’s a bit rich when unionist paramilitaries are using heavy calibre shoulder weapons to shoot at British troops and PSNI officers – and profess to be loyalists – that the DUP should be concerned about IRA weapons which are silenced and which are going to be, we all hope and pray, put beyond use in the period ahead."

Next week will see the gates of Unionism come crushing down, be prepared to see the siege mentality go into hyper speed.

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