Will the real Ian Paisley please stand up!!

The sectarian campaign by Loyalists continues unabated and niether the RUC/PSNI or any Unionist elected representative seems willing to stand up and try and stop these cowardly attacks.
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Sectarian paint bombers have launched new attacks on a Catholic chapel and school in an under-siege village in Paisley's constituency.

What has Paisley done?


What has the PSNI/RUC done?


Sinn Fein`s North Antrim Assembly member Philip McGuigan claimed loyalists were trying to drive all Catholics and nationalists from Ahoghill.

He said: "Over recent weeks and months the small Catholic population in Ahoghill has come under a sustained and violent unionist paramilitary campaign.

"It is motivated by a desire to ethnically cleanse Catholics and nationalists from the village."

It was quite interesting that during the Northern bank episode you couldn't shut the DUP and UUP up by now during a Loyalist feud and when Loyalists in Paisley's own constiuency are trying to force every catholic out of Ahoghill you hear nothing.

What hypocrites Unionists are!

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