The walls of Unionism begin to crumble

To be a Unionist over the last few weeks must be a very lonely prospect
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No friends, family are thinking about leaving home, neighbours interfering and that dog you wanted to kill has alluded you forever.

To top it all the neighbours have their relatives to stay and you can't stand it.

Ulster Unionist councillor Peter Bowles urged the Police Service of Northern Ireland or Gardai to question Ms Ruane, who campaigned for the trio`s acquittal in Colombia, after reports that she has been in contact with the trio since their return.

Someone please tell me what has the Columbian 3 got to do with the RUC/PSNI?

Bowles obviously doesn't know the law that well but considering my previous dealings with Mr Bowles it doesn't surprise me.

To top it off the Dupper in Europe has demanded answers.

You couldn't make it up!

It seems that the prospect of the IRA leaving the scene scares the shit out of Unionism.

What will it do next?

Go off with Nelly the elephant and join the Circus? Maybe!

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