Typical DUP response

The Unionist response to the Loyalist attacks against Catholics in Ahoghill, Cloughmills, Martinstown and Ballymena as well as the ongoing Loyalist feud has been shameful but not surprising.
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This Unionist response by Smithers, a member of the DUP, shows the typical DUP reaction. "Let's be honest protestants and catholics have been burning each other out of each others homes since the late sixties"

Spell bounding!!

If any Republican was doing what Unionist death squads were doing I would be the first one shouting from the rooftops. I applaud the Protestant clergy and the ordinary protestant people who want no truck with this naked sectarianism. Unionist elected reps are however pathetic. In Ian Paisleys own banana republic of North Antrim, where these attacks are taking place, what exactly are the DUP doing?

Mainstream Unionist political parties have courted with Unionist death squads for all of their political lives but when the shit hits the fan they try and rub their hands clean and pretend to be democrats?

They don't know the meaning of the word!

I will not be lectured on democracy by a rabble of bigots who don't have the balls the help kill the beast they fed for the last 30 years.

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