Top Up Fees WILL discourage students

Further to yesterday's conversation on University fees in the south fees, new polls seem to show that Blair's Tory-like top up fees policy will have an adverse policy on A Level students who will be put off going to university due to the huge debt they will be forced to endure. New Labour have gotten their policies ridiculously mixed up with regards to 3rd level education. They seem intent on getting as many people as possible into Univeristy and then charge them as much as they can possibly get away with.

This means that those from priveleged backgrounds are dossing about for 3 years living off mammy and daddy while they decide what they want to do with their lives, but those from lower income families who genuinely want to be at university are being put off by the thought of being tens of thousands of pounds in debt. Society doesn't need 50% of young people at University, what it does need is a system which ensures that the best education is ACCESSIBLE TO ALL however rich or poor your parents might be.

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