Tenious grip on reality

According to the leader of the Blue shirts the Irish government must force Sinn Fein to become a true democratic party and not tolerate its deception any longer
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In a blistering attack, Enda Kenny accused Sinn Fein`s leader Gerry Adams of holding Irish premier Bertie Ahern to ransom on several issues.

I do feel for Enda, he can't even stand on his own two feet. He needs the Labour party to help him raid the Departement of the Taoiseach.

The election season is now upon us and I can't see this government lasting a full term. All of the parties will try and attack Sinn Féin as it hides their own inadequacies. Fine Gael fears Sinn Féin holding the balance of power as that will upseat any plans Kenny has for being Taoiseach.

The one party that can't afford to attack Sinn Féin is Fianna Fáil. It saw what happened at the last election when the poddle was let off the chain. McDowell ended up costing them seats.

We are entering interesting times.

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