A step in the right direction

Excellent news this morning as it was announced that the RIR units in the north are to disbanded. This must welcomed and although it will not be finalized untill 2007 (imagine the outcry if the IRA take that long to decommission) it is most certainly a step in the right direction towards the normalisation of this society.

Unionism has reacted with its usual rage and bluster. It is regrettable that DUP and UUP politicans seem so hellbent on rejecting anything aimed at progress. Jeffrey Donaldson has threatened that this could have "serious consequences" for the DUP's participation in the peace process. His words were echoed by his party leader Mr. Ian Paisley. More pathetic weaseling from the DUP as they desperately search for an excuse not to share power with Republicans. Before last week they could use the excuse of Republican guns, now they are in the bizarre situation of using British Army guns as their excuse. What do these people have to fear from a normal society where the gun is taken out of politics? All guns on all sides. Mr Paisley described today's announcement as a "scandalous betrayal". A betrayal of what? Secterianism and Loyalist collusion perhaps?

Mr. Paisley and the rest of the DUP would do far better to direct their anger and condemnation towards the secterian thugs responsible for arson attacks in Ahoghill last night.

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