Spoilt Children need to be sent to bed without supper

The disbandment of the home battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment could affect the DUP's approach to reviving devolution, the party has said
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According to Peter "the punt" Robinson

"In the aftermath of the announcement to disband the home battalions, we have been working closely with those across all ranks in the Royal Irish to develop a number of options for the future of those affected."

"Many members of the regiment have asked us, as their elected representatives, to take up that mantle."

Now why doesn't that surprise me, a sectarian militia asks the DUP to help them out.

Sorry Pete but they are gone for good and if you go down the road of trying to stall the return of devolved powers over the UDR/RIR then you are going to get burnt politically. Let's not forget that as well as Joint Sovereignty you have to fear the review of public administration.

If the decision is for 7 councils that could leave you in a very unhappy place Pete.

Think about it.

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