So long, a chara

I'm disapointed to learn tonight that it seems the blogging career of Young Irelander has come to an aburpt end. Myself and YI clashed on many issues, his anti-SF stance was certain to ensure this was the case. However while I mightn't have liked his stance on many issues, I accepted that he was genuine in his belief that his way was the best to secure what both of us wanted - a United Ireland. He ran an exellent blog, better than personally I could ever hope to achieve on my own. His blog was informative and amusing and one I read every day. YI was one of the first to wish myself and Chris good luck when Balrog was started and there was always a healthy and friendly debate between the two sites. There aren't that many pro- United Ireland blogs on the blogosphere and this one will be certainly missed.

Congratulations on the blog, YI and I wish you all the best. Your presence will be missed.

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