Sinn Féin Web Police

That is the title of the subsection my mention in the Sunday Tribune is under.
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As the Tribune site is being updated I will reproduce the article here


"Though Portadown News is gone, some parts of the website remain up, including his links with commentaries.

Politics.ie is described as a "comprehensive Southern politics site, now alas completely taken over by the Sinn Féin internet police". It is a phenomenon that worries many bloggers who do not agree with a hardcore republican line. And some suggest there is an organised effort by republicans to bully (or bore) those with opposing views off the pitch, to use a Slugger O'Toole metaphor (sluggerotoole.com), where such efforts are a daily battle.

Reactions to the ongoing Colombian Three saga were sluggish at first among Irish blogs, but the re-entry of Michael McDowell into the fray has, as usual, electrified the debate. "Get back under your rock!" was the screaming riposte from Chris Gaskin (gaskinbalrog.blogspot.com) who cleared the foam from under his mouth long enough to argue that, because American planes refuel at Shannon, Ireland isn't a democracy under the rule of law as McDowell claims.

One suspects the author feels Ireland won't be until Sinn Féin runs it, but that's for another day. Unless you believe the activities of the 'Sinn Féin internet police' are training for the real-world thing."


That people actually believe there is a Sinn Féin department that polices websites shows how truly ignorant some people are.

I know it's a big shock for scum like the Tribune to realise but there are Republicans who can use computers with an interest in debate.

Sad really that a rag like the Tribune likes to indulge in this kind of fantasy but not surprising.

Any anti-shinner stuff will do, eh Joe Bloggs?

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