Sinn Féin urged to play part in policing

The incompetent head of the RUC/PSNI has urged republicans to accept the current "policing" arrangements.
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The same man who has accused Republicans for everything under the sun and not produced evidence is clearly confused.

Sinn Féin is not the sdlp, we are not rolling over for anybody!!!

Hugh Orde said

"In a democratic society policing is at the heart of the structures which facilitate respect for rights and duties within that society"

Correct but that is not what we have in the 6 counties.

Their has been no substantive change to policing in this part of the country and in my opinion their can never be any substantive changes to policing within a 6 counties framework.

Something as well that bugs me, Some people are of the illusion that when Patten is fully implemented then Sinn Féin will sign up to policing.

Tsk, Tsk, how deluded some of you are. When Patten is fully implemented Sinn Féin will LOOK at Policing and then the membership will decide what they want.

Republicans will never accept what the sdlp have, we have too much respect for ourselves and for the people we represent.

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