Sinn Féin unfurl banner campaign for United Ireland

The vision of a United Ireland must not be limited to Gaelic football matches between teams from north and south, it was claimed today.
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The Sinn Fein Mayor of Kerry, Toireasa Ní Fhearaíosa, said the party wanted to see All Ireland structures developed in every single aspect of daily life in Ireland.

"While it is great to see GAA teams and supporters arriving in Dublin today from as far apart as Kerry and Tyrone for All Ireland matches over the weekend, we must ensure that this doesn`t remain the limit of our vision of Irish unity," she said.

I know we are frantically working away on the South Armagh part of the carnival and it is going to be a fun day for all the family. A chance to get out the "Republican and Proud" T-shirts.

A carnival however is not going to attain a United Ireland.

We are going to see a United Ireland, which is certain as far as I am concerned but we have to decide if we want an inclusive as well as a truly "United" Ireland.

I don't want Unionists to feel the same way that Nationalists and Republicans have for the last 80 years. I don't want it to be a case of, they won, and we lost.

I think when we get devolution back up and running in about a year’s time we should use the next couple of years to show Unionism what this will mean in the practical terms.

Economically, culturally, religiously etc

We need to try and sort out the issue of Parades, once and for all. Unionists need to feel that they have as much right to the name Irishman as nationalists do.

It won't be easy but the alternative is worse.

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