Sinn Féin hails Dáil speaking rights plan

A Government move to allow Northern Ireland MPs and MEPs to debate in the Dáil would be a welcome recognition of the rights of Irish citizens north of the border, Sinn Féin claimed today.
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This is fantastic news and for me is more significant than even the GFA.

I want my MP (Conor Murphy) to be able to go my national parliament to speak on issues that affect me.

I have no connection to the British parliament and nor do I want any.

There is even speculation that Northern reps will sit on Dáil committees.

Bunreacht na hÉireann guarantees me a right to be part of the Irish nation and shame on Fianna Fáil for using my constitutional rights as a bargaining tool.

I see the party of 1 have threatened "sanctions"

Did you ever hear the like of it?

Reg Empey said "I believe this move is very dangerous because it would effectively be setting up an embryonic all-Ireland Parliament,"

I do hope you are right Reg and then we can get on with business

Fantastic news!!

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