Siege Mentality

I see OUP has-been Jim Nicholson has said he would vigorously oppose moves to grant the 6 counties 18 MPs and three MEPs the right to participate in Dáil debates and committee meetings.
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He further said

"The decision is deplorable and undermines the constitutional position of Northern Ireland"


"The unionist community will not tolerate such an aggressive assault on our sovereignty by a jurisdiction which has been so hostile in the past"

What exactly is Unionism going to do Jim?

That sounds like a threat and we all know Unionism never had the balls to do that. They just wound up Loyalists to do their dirty work for them.

"Make no mistake, as my party leader said at the weekend, we will not hesitate in introducing sanctions should speaking rights be granted in the autumn"

LOL, what "sanctions" can you impose Jim?

It's very simple. If Unionism doesn't want to participate in the Dáil then it doesn't have to but a lot of us do.

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