Shame on him

As Chris rightly pointed out, it was good to see that last night's parade in Ballymena passed off peacefully at the time. However unfortunately mindless thugs decided to once more attack the Harryville church. It is sad to see such mindless thuggery based on hatred towards a place of worship, whatever its demonination. Personally, with regards to the march, I have grave doubts as to the usefullness of such a parade considering that it caused an increase in tensions from which it is the most vunerable in society who suffer. However I have to say I was angered at the hypocrisy of the DUP's Ian Paisley Jr who on Newsline tonight said that the presence of paramilitaries was unacceptable and had heightened tensions in the area. This from a man whose party actively supports the Orange Order and its supporters as they trail members of various Loyalist paramilitary groups past Ardoyne every 12th July in an attempt to show their Catholic nieghbours who's boss! The bare faced cheeck of it is astounding.

The DUP are once again showing that they believe there is one rule for loyalists and another for Republicans. It is a great pity that the march raised tension in the area but remarks like this from the DUP are doing nothing but fanning the flames.

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