Sectarian "R" DUP

"I have friends who are prison officers, and they told me that their best time in the Maze was when the Provos were on huger strike, because they lived like animals and that is what they were"
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That is the view of DUP bigot Paul Given.

This is nothing new from the DUP especially young turks like Given and indeed it is a comment I am sure rests easy with most of the scum in the DUP.

To speak about the men of 1981 like that, who give their lives in a sacrifice for their basic Human Rights, says more about the mentality of that sectarian bigot that it does the valour of the Hunger Strikers.

I wonder would the likes of Given and the court jester on ATW, who regularly makes jokes about the hunger strikers, have the balls and the conviction to go on a hunger strike for their beliefs?

Somehow I doubt it

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