Seanad Reform

I was just looking through the Oireachtas site in light of the News that representatives from the 6 counties are to have speaking rights and looked at the Seanad.
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The Seanad is in need of drastic reform as it doesn't act as a competent second chamber. Ireland's system is a perverse one.

It's chambers are the Dáil and Seanad, which takes their names from the American system of government. Ireland however is run by Parliamentary sovereignty and not by the separate but equal sphere of Government that America enjoys.

This is clearly a continuation of the form of government that the British used and is only tweaked in several places.

The court system is quite different in it's construction as is the codified Constitution.

With this in mind it is clear that a competent second chamber is of immense importance.

Sinn Féin have outlined their proposals for Seanad reform and seem quite sensible.

What do you think?

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