RUC/PSNI turn a blind eye to Sectarian Pogroms currently sweeping Co Antrim

Paul Johnston, who was in the home of a nationalist family when it was attacked by loyalists in March, has criticised the PSNI for failing to fully investigate the current round of anti-Catholic attacks.
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A spokesman for the RUC/PSNI said they were "unable to establish" if Mr Johnston’s statement was taken.

Yesterday the RUC/PSNI’s Deputy Chief Constable Paul Leighton sparked a furious response from nationalist representatives by claiming that the attacks in Ahoghill were not "purely sectarian"

Ballymena Sinn Féin councillor Monica Digney criticised the senior policeman’s remarks.
"He must be the only man in Ireland that doesn’t believe these incidents are purely sectarian. The kerb stones in Ahoghill are painted the same colour as the paint thrown at houses. These attacks are sectarian and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous."

The response to these attacks by the RUC/PSNI and elected Unionism has been typical, whataboutery and excuses.

How can Nationalism be expected to take the RUC/PSNI seriously?

Are we expected to believe that they are a competent, effective and neutral police service when we hear this sort of crap from Leighton?

The SDLP really have to step back and look at their position regarding policing. The people in places like Ahoghill are being left defenceless to the sectarian rampage of loyalist scumbags.

Who is going to protect them?

It's certainly not the RUC/PSNI

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