Prepare for re-unification

Daily Ireland has an excellent editorial on Unification
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This is something I believe is essential!!

We need an all party response to Unification, it should not be partisan

Unionism needs to take it's head out of the sand and sit down with Nationalism and decide on what kind of country we want.

I personally want a secular state, not a Catholic or Protestant one. Religion should be a personal thing and they should never be allowed to interfere in the state.

I want a Socialist state, one where all men and women are equal. Free education, free health care and a proper standard of living. The two-tier health system needs to be stopped. We need affordable housing that our young people can afford and proper care for the elderly and the vulnerable in society.

I am open to Unionism, I would be happy to change the words of the National Anthem and have the same music, or a new one all together.

This is not about lording it over Unionism but a genuine new start for future generations.

When a United Ireland comes there will be no losers, just winners.

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