Poll shows SF is set to make political gains

According to a poll carried out by the Sunday Buisness Post almost half of voters say they would be "happy to see Sinn Féin in a coalition government now" and almost four out of ten voters say they are "more likely to vote Sinn Féin" as a result of the IRA statement
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What today's figures show is that the party is eliminating the "transfer repellency" outside the party's core base of supporters. If this is carried into a general election - even on 10 per cent of the vote - it will return many more Sinn Féin TDs.

This is good news and I would expect to see this grow over the next year.

Gerry Adams was right when he said "the question now was not whether Fianna Fáil would be prepared to go into coalition with Sinn Féin, but whether Sinn Féin would consider forming a government with Fianna Fáil"

Sinn Féin, IMO, will not join in any coalition with any party. They will more than likely allow a minority Fianna Fáil government to form in exchange for a shopping list.

In the longer term I would hope for a broad left wing alternative to the failed politics of the South.

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