Not here, please

I see from Slugger that the Irish Family Planning Association are launching a campaign to introduce abortion to Ireland. Personally this is one issue where my stance is very clear. I oppose abortion in any way shape or form. To me, abortion is the murder of an innocent child and can NEVER be justified in any way shape or form. The IFPA make the point that every year thousands of Irish women make the journey across the water to abort their children. To me this misses the issue. If only one child is saved because the woman in question did not want to travel then the legislation is worth having in place.

The IFPA are taking about taking the case to the European Court of Human RIghts. Having studied the European Convention on Human Rights, I am confident this case will have little success. What about the right of life of the innocent child, the most fundemental right there is?

I hope that this is an issue on which similarly minded people can unite around a Pro Life banner, regardless of religion, sex, age or political opinion. Abortion is murder.

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