Making them pay their dues.

I saw a very interesting article from the Sunday Business Post about the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. It seems Mr. Chavez is determined not to allow multi-national corporations to plunder this oil rich land and expect to ride roughshod over tax laws and get away with it.

Fair play to Mr. Chavez for putting his people first, for wanting to spend his country's wealth on improving life for the poor. Mr. Chavez was willing to trade some of his countries wealth with Cuba in exchange for doctors to staff 3,000 neighbourhood clinics.

To me, Mr. Chavez represents what democracy should be about. He is willing to stand up for the small guy against those with so much financial muscle that they think the rule of law doesn't apply to them. I have no problem with business but like Mr Chavez, I believe that much that financial wealth should be subject to an equitable tax system. I object to what can be summed up in the phrase "Steal a little they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you jail". In Venezuela under Chavez, this is the attitude that they are fighting back against. Math thú, an fear.

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