A-Level Results!

Tomorrow is D-Day for A-Level students and no matter what the results there is something they must do, drink!!
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Picture this

You couldn't sleep the night before so you went up to a mate’s house and drunk until 6 in the morning. You slept for a few hours and were awoken by a younger brother screaming, "Your results are here". You open the envelope an after 10 minutes you realise you have the grades for Law in Queens

Euphoria hits

Time for drink and it's still only 10:30 am. Head up to a mate, he has the same results as you. You look at his beer fridge, which has been stocked full for over a week, and start on your journey to comatose. You play darts outside and drink Coors until 5 in the afternoon when it is time to get more drink. You head to the off-license. Go home, get showered, changed and a bite to eat. At 6 you head on the pre-pub carry out. By this stage you have abandoned the beer and are hitting the brandy. Head into town at 8 o clock for the session. Meet up will all the school chums you would never normally drink with and attempt to get paraletic. At 11 you head to the disco. After further drinking, courting and dancing you fall asleep on the sofas of the disco. A friend takes pictures that end up in the papers the following week. You wake up and realise you are still in the disco and very drunk. You see a cunt you have never liked in School and go over to give him a piece of your mind, an argument ensues and you end up decking him. The bouncer runs and tries to deck you but you hit him first. Then 10 bouncers violently remove you. You stagger for a taxi aware that you are that drunk you can't see. You arrive at the house and sit at the table and grab that bottle of Whiskey you hid. You wake up the next morning on the kitchen floor covered in Whiskey with your mother and two aunts calling you a drunk and saying that you are as bad as their father.

That was my own A-Level results day, best of luck to all those getting results.

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