Last word on Columbian 3

For the last few days every time you check the news their is some new story about the Columbian 3

Will they get sent back, won't they get sent back

The simple answer is that they will not get sent back!!
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Mary Harney and Seamus Brennan have today called on Sinn Féin to make sure the men hand themselves over to Gardai.

Jim Monaghan has already said that they will talk to Gardai but who do them two Muppets think they are.

It is up to the Garda Siochana to police the 26 counties and it is not up to Sinn Féin to do their job for them. This is nothing short of party politics from the PD's and the PD lite brigade.

There is no extradition treaty between Ireland and Columbia, the men are Irish citizens. Having spoke to a legal colleague last night, who was involved in a few extradition hearings in the 26 counties, he assures me that the men will not be sent back.

There has been some talk of the Extradition Act 1965 but from what I have been told it does not apply in this situation.

You can see Bertie removing the Irish government from the situation by saying "It is a legal matter, not a political one"

Bertie knows the Courts will not send the boys back and that is why the PD's and the Unionists are pissed off.

Columbia can demand all it wants but it is not dealing with the American government now.

The men are staying put!!

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