It's good to see

Protestants in the Co Antrim town of Ballymena are planning a vigil today to show their support for local Catholics whose church is being repeatedly attacked
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Our Lady's Church has been paint-bombed and daubed with sectarian graffiti on four occasions in the last month.

Protestants at a nearby Presbyterian church have helped clean up the mess in the past, saying they wanted to show loyalists that they did not support the sectarian campaign.

They are now being joined by Protestants from throughout Ballymena who are planning to meet and pray at Our Lady's Church tonight.

The local parish priest said the gesture was deeply appreciated by his congregation.

Can I be the first to say, fair play!

Even if the Unionist elected reps of Ballymena can't be counted on to sort out the problem it's good to see the decent Protestant people of Ballymena can.

Attacks on places of worship have no place in any society.

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