Has the world gone mad?

I am shocked to learn that a police officer who allegedly chanted IRA slogans at a staff party is to face a misconduct board
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Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde confirmed the action against a man accused of a pro-republican outburst that horrified colleagues.

One representative on the authority holding the force to account demanded the officer`s sacking if found guilty.

Policing Board member Ian Paisley Jr declared: "There must be the most severe penalty.

"Any fraternisation between terrorists and police officers cannot be tolerated."

I am utterly shocked!!

Shocked that a member of the RUC/PSNI would even consider chanting IRA slogans, considering the organisation he belongs to.

The double standards of the DUP however make the mind boggle. Jnr Doc wants this "man" sacked.

What about the hundreds of RUC/PSNI personel who were directly involved in the killing of innocent Catholics?

Once a Red Berry always a Red Berry, heh?

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